Centrul Astra Film


Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2002

  • The Balkans

    Out of the almost 100 documentaries which entered the selection for the Balkan section, most of them were dealing with the Yugoslavian war. This thematic schism is also reflected in our final selection: out of the 11 films in competition, there are 8 films dealing with this subject.

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  • Photography Exhibition. Balkan Portraits

    During the selection of the films, we became almost depressed and sick watching so many war tragedies and poverty.  The original idea for the photo exhibition was to counter balance these never ending tragic images with a more pleasant side of the “Balkan” reality.

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  • Workshop. Ethnic Issues and Human Rights in the Balkans

    The workshop is to provide a forum for discussing the potentials and the constraints of the moving picture and especially the genre of documentary film, in representing ethnic issues in the Balkans.

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