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World 2 War

Peter Geerts, Mathijs Brussaard,  Netherlands 2016 44'

Film Presentation:
World 2 War is an action packed fulldome documentary that combines cinematic battle scenes with informative overviews of the battlefield and historic reference from photos and videos, to put the viewer right in the middle of World War 2’s biggest battles.
Director's Bio-Filmography:
Peter Geerts has a background in mechanical engineering, but realized very early that his real interest lay in the direction of animation and film. Because of his background he often finds himself getting drawn in on the technical side of a production, working on simulations and physically plausible animations. A strong attraction to computers drove Mathijs Brussaard to try making music with (early)computers and altering demo intros of computer games. He started studying computer science, but after a short period discovered that the creative side of working with computers was more appealing.
Monday 17.10.2016 15:15, FULL-DOME
Monday 17.10.2016 19:00, FULL-DOME
Tuesday 18.10.2016 15:15, FULL-DOME
Wednesday 19.10.2016 15:15, FULL-DOME
Thursday 20.10.2016 15:15, FULL-DOME
Friday 21.10.2016 15:15, FULL-DOME
Sunday 23.10.2016 15:15, FULL-DOME
Tuesday 18.10.2016 20:30, FULL-DOME
Wednesday 19.10.2016 20:30, FULL-DOME
Thursday 20.10.2016 20:30, FULL-DOME
Friday 21.10.2016 20:30, FULL-DOME
Sunday 23.10.2016 20:30, FULL-DOME
Saturday 22.10.2016 15:15, FULL-DOME
Saturday 22.10.2016 20:30, FULL-DOME
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