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On the Wings of the Night

Marcos Pérez,  Spain 2016 28'

Film Presentation:
On the Wings of the Night is a documentary film for planetariums about the migrations of birds, convering from the amazing ideas developed by the ancient greeks about the sudden disappearance of birds from their fields to the mechanisms that birds use to fin the route towards their winter quarters. The show combines spectacular CG animation, starry skies and fulldome video recorded in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the european continent, from the fjords of Norway or the Diepholz swamps in Germany down to the largest wetlands in southern Spain, where migrating birds gather by the millions before crossing the ocean to Africa.
Director's Bio-Filmography:
After graduating in Physics from Santiago de Compostela University, Marcos Pérez started creating planetarium shows for scientific museums. Later he directed a short documentary featuring the most prominent scientists working in the field of visual illusions. Since the arrival of fulldome to the planetarium world, he has started directing documentaries in this new format.
Monday 17.10.2016 20:45, FULL-DOME
Tuesday 18.10.2016 18:00, FULL-DOME
Wednesday 19.10.2016 18:00, FULL-DOME
Thursday 20.10.2016 18:00, FULL-DOME
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Sunday 23.10.2016 18:00, FULL-DOME
Tuesday 18.10.2016 22:15, FULL-DOME
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Friday 21.10.2016 22:15, FULL-DOME
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Saturday 22.10.2016 18:00, FULL-DOME
Saturday 22.10.2016 22:15, FULL-DOME
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