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Amazing Astronomers of Antiquity

Carolyn Sumners,  USA 2008 22'

Film Presentation:
Over 2,000 years ago ancient astronomers knew the Earth was round; they measured its diameter and distance from the Sun; knew the length of the year to the precision of our modern calendar; and developed a method for predicting eclipses. Ancient sailors navigated by the stars and some astronomers even suspected the Earth orbited the Sun. Amazing Astronomers of Antiquity is a journey of learning from the Pantheon to the ancient Library of Alexandria to the pyramids of Egypt. Discover why the Pantheon is an astronomical instrument; how Eratosthenes measured the Earth's circumference; how the Saqqara Step Pyramid depicts the turning stars; who first claimed that the Earth orbits the Sun; and who created the Antikythera Mechanism with hundreds of gears to predict motions of the Sun, Moon and planets.
Director's Bio-Filmography:
Carolyn Sumners has directed the Burke Baker Planetarium for more than 40 years, and has more than 100 planetarium shows, including more than 30 fulldome digital shows. The shows have been licensed to more than 100 theaters around the world.
Monday 17.10.2016 14:30, FULL-DOME
Tuesday 18.10.2016 14:30, FULL-DOME
Wednesday 19.10.2016 14:30, FULL-DOME
Tuesday 18.10.2016 18:45, FULL-DOME
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