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Dream to Fly

Paulina Majda,  Poland 2013 35'

Producer:  Copernicus Science Centre
Film Presentation:
The animation Dream To Fly sweeps the viewer into the extraordinary visual experience of the story of man's most ambitious dream of all: to fly. The documentary presents in the new full-dome format the human perception on flying, moments in the science and history of aviation, inventors and their momentous creations. It is an invitation to discover the mysterry of flying along with Leonardo da Vinci, the Montgolfier brothers, the Wright brothers and other aviation pioneers. Images interwine with the original score and a poetic narration into a cinematic experience of substantial impact and convey an inspiring message: a dream must be pursued, no matter how impossible it might seem.
2013 - Jena Fulldome Festival – Director’s Award, Germany 2013 - Imiloa (Imiloa Film Festival)- Best Script and Story, Hawaii 2014 - Makau (Macao International Fulldome Festival)–Best Visuals, China 2014 - Makau (Macao International Fulldome Festival)-Best Audience Choice, China 2014 - Gwacheon (International Fulldome Festival) – Golden Star, Korea 2015 - Brno (Central European Fulldome Festival)-Best Fulldome Movie, ChechRepublik 2015 - Yaroslavl (Fulldome Film festival)-III Award for the Best Popular Science Fulldome Show 2015 - Espinho (Immersive Film Festival) – Best 3D Fulldome Movie, Portugal 2016 – Immersive Film Festival in Madrid – Best Fulldome Movie 2016 – Fiske Fulldome Film Festival – Best Audience Choice, Colorado, USA
Director's Bio-Filmography:
PAULINA MAJDA graduated from the Polish Film School in Lodz. After her studies she continued her education in the Danish Animation Workshop in Viborg. Since then she has been involved in many animation film productions as a director and art director. Among them is the Oscar - winning movie “Peter and The Wolf” (dir. Suzie Templeton).
Monday 17.10.2016 09:00, FULL-DOME
Monday 17.10.2016 11:15, FULL-DOME
Monday 17.10.2016 13:30, FULL-DOME
Tuesday 18.10.2016 09:00, FULL-DOME
Wednesday 19.10.2016 09:00, FULL-DOME
Thursday 20.10.2016 09:00, FULL-DOME
Friday 21.10.2016 09:00, FULL-DOME
Saturday 22.10.2016 09:00, FULL-DOME
Sunday 23.10.2016 09:00, FULL-DOME
Thursday 20.10.2016 11:15, FULL-DOME
Tuesday 18.10.2016 11:15, FULL-DOME
Wednesday 19.10.2016 11:15, FULL-DOME
Friday 21.10.2016 11:15, FULL-DOME
Saturday 22.10.2016 11:15, FULL-DOME
Sunday 23.10.2016 11:15, FULL-DOME
Tuesday 18.10.2016 13:30, FULL-DOME
Wednesday 19.10.2016 13:30, FULL-DOME
Thursday 20.10.2016 13:30, FULL-DOME
Friday 21.10.2016 13:30, FULL-DOME
Saturday 22.10.2016 13:30, FULL-DOME
Sunday 23.10.2016 13:30, FULL-DOME
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