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Down the Deep, Dark Web

Duki Dror, Tzachi Schiff,  Israel 2016 56'

Film Presentation:
While the prophecy of cypherpunks seems to become the reality of our times, people start to wonder whether the revolution of the Internet is good or evil. In an attempt to objectively present the two sides of the deep web, issues like the battle for privacy, anonymity or the cryptomarket emerge. Interviews with cryptoanarchists, users of the Darknet and hackers reveal what lies behind the world of the Internet which we claim to know so well. Smoothly striking a balance between these modern matters, the author leaves room for various opinions, yet he also brings forth other vital questions regarding where we are headed to as a society, one the one hand, and as individuals, on the other hand, in this electronic age.
Nominated “Best Documentary under 60 Minutes” by the Israeli Film Academy in 2016 Participation in the Print Screen Festival, Israel, 2016
Director's Bio-Filmography:
DUKI DROR studied film, theater and classical studies at UCLA. He directed and produced creative documentaries for the past 20 years. His films are character driven stories and deal with issues of identity, displacement and cross-cultural exchange. In 2010, PBS (with more than 100 stations nation-wide) programmed a special series with 3 of his films: My Fantasia, Raging Dove and The Journey of Vaan Nguyen. TZACHI SCHIFF has been involved in the direction, research and production of hundreds of documentary programs and films. He has directed numerous feature-length documentaries, including MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and LITTLE CITY, among others, for the Israel Broadcast Authority. In addition, he has worked as a director or producer of hundreds of current affairs documentary shorts on a range of topics, from cyber crimes and rock music, to Israeli heritage and scientific discoveries.
Director's / Curator's Statement:
Down the Deep Dark Web is an invitation to enter a world that is unknown to most. this is a world of privacy extremists, crypto-anarchists, prophets of parallel states, hackers and government watchdogs. This world stands vis-a-vis the world of the internet where we witness the end of privacy as known to us. The goal of the film is to make the case for privacy and to call attention to the possibilities offered by the internet for establishing systems that are decentralized and are moving away from the ever watchful eyes of government and authority. The crypto-anarchists claim there should be a limit on how far into our lives governments and private corporations can intrude. This claim can not be dismissed by claiming that the crypto-anarchists they are all “crazies” as the claim is well founded. Hopefully, by the end of the film, the viewer will begin to question what, and who, is truly crazy in our increasingly interconnected world and, perhaps, take a peek inside the Internet’s hidden underbelly to decide for themselves. (Tzachi Schiff)
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