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  • Queen Maria - Last of the Romantics, First Modern Woman

    '"I was barely seventeen when I came to you. I was young and ignorant, but very proud of my native country, and even now, I am proud to have been born an Englishwoman... but I bless you, dear Romania, country of my joy and my grief, the beautiful country which has lived in my heart." (Queen Marie of Romania) The film is conceived as a personal account. Fragments of the Queen's biography are interpreted by the acclaimed actress Maia Morgenstern, whose profile is projected on a background of archive footage and photographs. ...

  • Quest

    Two nomad coopers, with a carriage for a house and a horse for a friend, fare from one village another, merrily striving to make ends meet. No cumbersome belongings, not even a watch, but they still have the time. Misplaced and disregarded, with skills hardly needed anymore, they keep on looking for means and meanings, or the lack of them. In this marginal existence, that would make Zola exalt, there are touching reminiscences of a long forgotten time. What time is it, what time ? ...

  • Quest for the Lost Tribes

    Over 2700 years have passed since the Assyrians conquered the kingdom of Israel taking into captivity ten of the twelve Israelite tribes. Only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin who inhabited the southern portion of the kingdom remained and most Jews today claim descent from these Tribes. The captive tribes were scattered throughout the Assyrian domain and their descendants became the stuff of legend. The apostles Paul and James mention them and there is even a tradition that Jesus ventured to India in search of them. In medieval Europe, it was widely speculated that Mongolian invaders were the Ten Tribes come back for blood. And even in modern times, the Mormons in the United States believe that native Americans are descendants of the Tribes. Stories and theories about the Lost Tribes continue to proliferate and not all of them are easily dismissed. The filmmaker separates ancient myth from contemporary fact. ...