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All that Glitters

Irene Petropoulou | Greece | 2003 | 33'

The small village Olympos on the Karpathos Island in Greece has been almost isolated from the rest of the world until a quarter of a century ago. Since construction of the road that crosses the island from north to south, the locals can travel more easily. At the same time, Olympos has become an accessible place for tourists, who are attracted by the archaic atmosphere. The film observes the impact on traditional life within the "opening to the world." Although preserved in its appearances - after all, tourists come to Olympos to experience the picturesque village life, and, take pictures of the local women wearing traditional costumes with heavy gold coin necklaces - the elders feel tradition is no longer preserved in spirit. Transmigrants, who return to their home village every summer for the great St. Mary Festival, also deplore the recent changes in the village life. For the villagers, tradition has always been a cultural pride, and more recently, a source of income.