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Agadez nomade FM

| France, Switzerland, Nigeria | 2003 | 75'

Radio Nomad FM is a local radio station serving the Nigerian desert city of Agadez, and some 50 km beyond. The station broadcasts cultural and educational programs and news. Quite popular with the locals, it has some influence on people. Contrary to the title, the main focus of the film is not the radio station, but the people and their stories. Agadez used to be a major trade center. Blacks, Tuaregs, nomads and sedentaries, Muslims and animists have always lived together more or less peacefully. The result is an open-minded city, and a self-conscious community. In Agadez, there is competition between conservatism and adaptation. There is tradition and there is change. The film explores people's concerns related to social change, the role of women, religion, tradition and their relation to the modern world. The authors share with the viewer their personal experience in the process of getting to know the people of Agadez: "They seemed complete strangers to us at first, and then we found them to be quite close to us, having the same concerns as ourselves and our neighbours back home. Only the social rules are different."