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Astra Film Festival

All About Eve

| Croatia | 2003 | 63'

What can a woman do when she is desperate to have children, and it just does not happen? Artificial insemination could be an answer. From a medical point of view, artificial insemination it is a relatively simple procedure. Few people realize, though, what an immense pressure it puts on the couple, and especially on the prospective mother. The film is about a woman, who decides that having a baby would be the most important thing in her life. There are repeated unsuccessful attempts. There is hope, despair, and then hope again. The film offers quite an intimate view on the personal drama of the characters, as the couple in question are the director himself and his wife. Shot during an extensive period of time, the film follows all the stages of the medical procedure and its emotional implication. The director goes beyond his personal story to explore the differences between men and women's reactions to fertility treatments.