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A Tale of Two Villages; Modernization and De-modernization of the Romanian Village

Alina Mungiu-Pippidi | Romania | 2002 | 49'


The film looks at the extremes of communist interference in the lives of the inhabitants of two rural villages in Romania. In fifty years of totalitarian regime, rural society underwent dramatic changes. The film examines Nucsoara, a mountain village, whose inhabitants opposed the communist regime, and Scornicesti, a village in the plain, which was used as the emblem of collectivization. Nucsoara remained one of the few isles of private property in communist Romania in spite of the fact that many of the inhabitants were arrested, tortured and even executed due to their resistance. By comparison, those in Scornicesti, Ceausescu's birthplace, were subjected to absurd experiments of social engineering. The two villages are representative of the destiny of rural society in Romania. Do authentic peasants still exist? What is their life like in the aftermath of communism? This film follows the story of the two villages since 1946, in search of answers to these questions.