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Alfred Melotu, the Funeral of a Paramount Chief

| Norway | 2002 | 45'

This film is a testament to the life of Alfred Melotu, the Paramount Chief of the Papua speaking people of Fenoaloa, the largest of the Reef Islands, which belong to the Solomon Islands. In 1994, Danish anthropologist Jens Pinholt visited Fenoaloa , and during this visit, he and the Big Men of the Islands discussed future plans for documenting Kastom, the revival of traditional cultural elements among the people. This discussion resulted in a plan to make a film about the life of the Paramount Chief and his constant endeavor to preserve cultural traditions. Melotu's untimely death during the second visit of the film crew in 1996 changed these plans. What was to be an account on the life of a Paramount Chief became a film about his death and funeral.