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Șantier în lucru-The Cities, after

Guillaume Lebon | Bénédicte Vacquerel | Sindy Quéré | Romania | 2013 | 83'


Written and directed by Sindy Quéré, Guillaume Lebon et Bénédicte Vacquerel, produced by Enfin Bref and Urban Balkan Project, with the support of the National Center for Cinema and Moving Picture (CNC) and the Regional Council of Aquitaine, November 2013 - 83 minutes.

Romania, December 21st 1989, 12h08: the communist regime of the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu was overthrown. 25 years after the economical and political liberalization of the country, urban landscape and functioning have changed dramatically.

ŞANTIER ÎN LUCRU – The Cities, after / The Cities of After, demonstrates the revival of Romania which is completing its political and economical transition. Based on the analysis of three emblematic cities (Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Constanta)), this documentary first decodes the inner workings of an “anarchic democracy” which threatens ecologic, social and urban balances ; then it analyses how the post-communism generation is inspiring new ways of “making the city”.