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A Minister Backtracks

| Denmark | 2000 | 59'

A Danish minister decides to give up her comfortable office and start a private pursuit of a war criminal from Bosnia. As the Minister for Refugees she had witnessed the exhuming of bodies from a mass grave in Bosnia in 1996. Haunted by these images, she decides to expose the massacre that had forced so many people to seek refuge in Western Europe. Her investigation reveals that the massacre was lead by the local school principal. In the summer of 1999, the Minister began an intense pursuit through former Yugoslavia for this man whose name is on the War Crimes Tribunal's secret list of war criminals. A camera team followed her journey, and captured the moment when, after fourteen days of search, she suddenly stood face to face with the man who had inflicted so much pain on so many people. She had been chasing the essence of evil, but when she met up with her nemesis, he turned out to be merely another politician.