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Al-Halqa - In the Storyteller's Circle

Thomas Ladenburger | Germany | 2010 | 90'

'Al-Halqa - In the Storyteller's Circle addresses this fading culture of Morocco's itinerant story-tellers: the public square is the place where the 'Halaiqi' improvise or reinterpret for their circles of onlookers stories which have never been written down before, being orally transmitted from generation to generation. In Marrakech, Abderahim El Maqori tells stories that he has been collecting in his mind and heart since he was a child. As he is growing older, he starts teaching his son Zoheir - who got his name from a story that Abherahim told the day he was born - the tricks of his dying trade. Exquisitely shot, with a great sense for both the revealing close-up and for the atmospheric wide shot, Al-Halqa follows the teaching and learning process and, following on to that, the trip taken by the father and son to Fez, Morocco's intellectual capital, for the ultimate storytelling test in the city square.
Special Mention of Jury, Pärnu International Film Festival 2010