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About Iulian Mihu, As He Was; About Us, The Way We Are

Laurențiu Damian | Romania | 2009 | 87'

Iulian Mihu, departed from amongst us for 10 years now, is a great personality of Romanian cinema. His films talk could probably say most about their creator. In spite of that, the makers of this documentary, due to the lack of hard evidence preserving Mihu's memory, wished that he be remembered through the testimonies of some of his colleagues and friends. Violeta Andrei, Irina Petrescu, Sergiu Nicolaescu, Julieta Szonyi, Liliana Tudor Iorgulescu, Radu Boruzescu, assistant director Adriana Lupu and editor Gabriela Nasta are only some of the names of those who, each in their own manner, contributed their memories to the making of this film. Thus we catch a glimpse of a director who was able to defy rules and orders. The film-makers try, in this movie, to act a little bit like him - sincere and unconventional. He had an enigmatic persona - sometimes furious, sometimes gentle and his motto could have been "we film to have fun". He was an artist who, despite his career ups and downs, scandals and great movie, will always be remembered for his free spirit and the fact that he was always, until the very end, true to himself.