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Astra Film Festival

Am I Lucky?

Oana Giurgiu | Tudor Giurgiu | Romania | 2008 | 52'


Would you have been lucky if your parents, if they wished to punish you, would have forbidden you to go to school? Would you have been lucky if you had to marry at 13 years? The questions are asked by two young men, a Romanian and a Roma, turned into reporters, during their ten-day- long journey through several different Roma communities from Romania. Every stop reaches a new question: in Seaca, few remember the slaves who founded the village, in Fetesti the topic is made by the orphans returned after the deportation in Transnistria, and in Brateiu, Sibiu county, the Roma make kettles which they sell in museums and fairs, and their children already have dowry and marry on the parents' command and only wear traditional clothing. In Dumbraveni, the Roma go to the school for children with special needs if they repeat the class for three years, while students on the special places from the student dormitories in Bucharest tell their success stories. A voyage about ignorance and stereotypes on music by Shukar Collective.