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Astra Film Festival

Adela and Agnetha

| Romania | 2008 | 31'


Adela is a Gypsy married to a Saxon from Transylvania, while Agnetha is a Saxon married to a Gypsy. They live in the same village, Mergideal, are mothers to many children and life doesn't go easy on them. When asked "How did you meet?" they answer plainly, "It was love." In Transylvania, there are hundreds such families, spread in the areas where Saxons used to live. The documentary film maker tells of how he went into the Transylvanian Plateau looking for Roma and Saxon mixed families. He was interested in these minorities, opposite both in origin and culture. The Gypsies remember the times when they came about and there were many Saxons and only a few Gypsy. Now it is different. What do the two ethnic groups have in common and what differentiate them? What do they learn from each other? A close look on interculturalism in Transylvania.