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Al Karamah - Human Dignity

| Norway | 1997 | 42'

Much has been written and shown about Palestinians and Israelis. Yet, one part has been left out by media, as well as by anthropology, the Palestinian minority in Israel. Over 900,000 Palestin­ian-Arabs live in Israel as citizens of the Jewish State. This film throws light on their situation. The story is told by Samiyeh, a 20 years old Palestinian and her cousin Nidal. Like all young people in the Arab world, which has been bombarded by Western ideals and values, they have their own hopes and frustrations, sweet dreams and nightmares. However, the Is­raeli government intrudes into the minutest details of their lives. The Palestini­ans are prospering in Israel along with the rest of the society. But “money is not everything” as Samiyeh’s father puts it; money comes and goes. But “if al karamah (human dignity) goes, it can never come back”.